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Medical Cannabis has been shown to relieve suffering from these conditions.

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Medical Marijuna my provide the relief you need to live the life you love

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Medical Marijuana may provide the relief you need to live the life you love!

Medical Marijuana may provide the relief you need to live the life you love!

Is Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Right for Me?

Medical marijuana — also called medical cannabis — is a term for derivatives of the Cannabis sativa plant that are used to relieve serious and chronic symptoms.

Cannabis sativa contains many active compounds, but two are of interest for medical purposes:

  • THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) – this is the primary ingredient in marijuana that makes people “high.”
  • CBD (cannabidiol).

Medical marijuana and low-THC cannabis are available in Florida for qualified patients.

Studies report that medical cannabis has possible benefits for several conditions. The state of Florida has a list of “Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis” use, but you may qualify if you have a similar condition. At your appointment, we will determine if you qualify and write the appropriate recommendations.

Forms of Medical Cannabis Include:

  • Oil for vaporizing
  • Pill
  • Topical applications
  • Oral solution
  • Dried leaves and buds

Your symptom relief and side effects will vary based upon which form of medical cannabis you are using. The quickest effects occur with inhalation of the vaporized form. The slowest onset occurs with the pill form.